Working Toward a Whole Life Integration

"Work life balance" presupposes that work and life are two separate spheres of our existence that compete for our time. And it can certainly feel that way. But work is a part of life, not apart from it. What we need is whole life integration: work, family, home, spirituality... all of it. Explore this area to discover how you can integrate "work" with "life" and feel less divided. 



How do we integrate our spirituality with our workday?

Everything from small, symbolic reminders of what anchors you to your faith to short mental and spiritual practices can nurture your personal and spiritual development at work. How do we treat our co-workers? We treat others the way we do because of who we are, not because of who they are. How do we react in stressful situations? With practice, we can train ourselves to stay more clear minded and innovative while reducing any tendency toward explosiveness or frozen inaction. 


How can we feel nourished and spiritually fulfilled at work?

Much of our sense of nourishment and spiritual fulfilment can come from being able to develop and share our creativity with our workplace. Creativity is a direct expression of our spiritual life and comes from a certain set of emotions operating simultaneously. What fosters these emotions and is it really a good idea to foster emotions at work?  


What you do for employment is not who you are.

Our society encourages us to internalize a misguided belief that our lives are worth whatever social status our job has. "What do you do?" is among the most common of questions asked by strangers at a social function. So what happens when you lose your job? Being let go from your workplace can be devastating in many ways.  One way to lessen the potentially overwhelming feelings of rejection is by deeply understanding that what you do is not who you are.