Uniting Earth and Soul.

The beauty of the natural world around us is astounding in cleverness and diversity. Animals and plants are so very diverse yet will mimic each other when advantageous to do so, such as for food or safety or to spread pollen and seeds to far away places. All of nature is creative and we humans are no exception. 

Awencrafts is a resource for the creative spirit using nature-based guided meditations designed to help bring the inner life into the outer world. Spending a little time in nature- or in a book that teaches about it or in meditation- brings us to a sense of awe that enchants our very souls. And we yearn to respond; we want to be creative ourselves. By way of example, Awencrafts offers Earth-themed knit patterns and reflections on the life forms that are the subjects of the patterns. 

A second offering: Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in life, in relationships, in life patterns we'd rather not or should not continue.  Awencrafts provides psychic readings to help clarify the more stubborn issues. It offers insights to help us grow with the freedom to live life more authentically- to stop living according to how others see us and start living according to how we see ourselves.



 Dramatic changes in life are rarely necessary for spiritual growth. Nurturing your spirit can be done within the context of your daily schedule. Explore this website to learn a few of the ways to energize your own spiritual growth.


Ponder this:  You are already home. And how you "keep house" matters. Not knowing your effect on nature is not the same as having no effect on nature. Explore your intimate and irrevocable relationship with the plants and animals around you.  


 "Who could or should I become? Is this all I'm meant to do in life? Have I accomplished as much as I think I have?" Explore your own talents and learn to recognize the signs of growth in yourself. Personal growth in life is more important than where the finish line is. Let's grow together.


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