Botanical Knit Designs

 Knit patterns designed for nature lovers. Browse Barbara's patterns on Ravelry or read about her creative process in Creativity. Then get in touch with your own creativity!

Psychic Readings: Get Unstuck!

Are you going in circles instead of moving forward? Perplexed by a relationship? Click on Psychic Readings to get more information about how a psychic reading may help. 

Creating a Healthier Ecosystem

 Follow one city couple's journey to help create a healthier ecosystem right at home. The process of becoming re-enchanted with the natural world is desperately needed to save us and our planet.


Uniting Earth and Soul.

The beauty of the natural world around us is astounding in cleverness and diversity. Animals and plants are so very diverse yet will mimic each other when advantageous to do so, such as for food or safety or to spread pollen and seeds to far away places. All of nature is creative and we humans are no exception. 

Awencrafts is a resource for the creative spirit using nature-based guided meditations designed to help bring the inner life into the outer world. Spending a little time in nature- or in a book that teaches about it or in meditation- brings us to a sense of awe that enchants our very souls. And we yearn to respond; we want to be creative ourselves. By way of example, Awencrafts offers Earth-themed knit patterns and reflections on the life forms that are the subjects of the patterns. 

A second offering: Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in life, in relationships, in life patterns we'd rather not or should not continue.  Awencrafts provides psychic readings to help clarify the more stubborn issues. It offers insights to help us grow with the freedom to live life more authentically- to stop living according to how others see us and start living according to how we see ourselves.


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Connecting the spiritual and the creative.

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